Why go Geothermal?

Photo of Thermometer 'British Summertime' by Sean's CameraGeothermal is a method of tapping into the constant and reliable earth temperatures as a means to heat or cool your buildings or your home.  In laymen terms a hole is dug deep down into the earth, and a pipe inserted to form a loop that comes back into your home allowing the transfer of air to go through the pipe to be warmed or cooled.

It’s not cheap to consider this option but it is an extremely practical one.

Buildings that sit on top of the ground are subject to being the same temperature practically on the inside as it is on the outside, due to the fact that it is being influenced by whatever the ‘air temperature’ is at that time.  Without the aid of mechanical means to either heat our homes or cool them our homes are subject to these wildly fluctuating temperatures.

A home heated or cooled geothermally taps into the consistent temperature of the earth which is about 50-56 degrees.  That means without mechanical efforts or energy a building will be well above zero in the winter in colder climates, and feel naturally air conditioned in the summer.  This option is a beautiful thing because it creates a self sustainable option that lasts for the life of the building, and does not rely upon anything else, but the earth beneath your feet.

Image credit Sean’s Camera

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