How to Shut Up a Rooster!

Screaming Rooster_pc Seth Tisue_crp_49736238_e63b83c7aaMan does this bring back memories living on my parents little 56 acre hobby farm in Ontario back in the 80’s.  I have never particularly been a morning person so Roosters were not particularly my favorite farm animal.  Short of sharpening the axe there are a few suggestions that might help you get that extra hour or so to sleep in.

Roosters crow in response to a few things.  The sun coming up is the most obvious one, but they also will crow following any loud noise at any time of day because they perceive it as something threatening and it’s their JOB to alert the others.  If your truck back fires, expect a response.  If your grandfather clock goes off every hour on the hour and they can hear it, expect a response every hour on the hour.  So you if want to get them to shut it,  find the source of what they are responding to.

As for mornings… sorry… its natures built-in alarm clock that they get up and forage because the early bird gets the worm don’t cha’ know.  However, if they are crowing at night there is probably a light they are viewing from their window some where be it the barn to a security light.  Make sure the coop is blacked out including windows or turn off your night lights around the property.

Of course, there is always the axe (just kidding).

Image credit Seth Tisue

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  1. Karilee
    September 14, 2012 | 5:00 pm

    Since you know what a night-owl I am, I really think I like your FINAL suggestion…
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