Definition of Biotecture

Photo of Tires 'P1020373' by Jessica ReederPhoto 'Cob building requires some dancing' by Uncleweed



1. The profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their sustainability.

2. A combination of biology and architecture.

In the category of ‘Biotecture’ we will be exploring alternative architecture and building techniques for their pros and cons as they relate to sustainability and the natural world.

We won’t be promoting any one structure over the others as that depends on your environment and your needs, as to what pros and cons matter most to you.  The only mud slinging that will take place around here will be of a cob nature or throwing plaster on the wall.


Photo of Hay Bales by Peter HeilmannPhoto of Bottle and Tin Can wall 'P1020262' by Jessica Reeder

Image credits Jessica Reeder, Uncleweed, Peter Heilmann, Jessica Reeder

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