Where B.C. Hobbits, a Publishing Guru and Earthship Mentors Meet

Mark Victor Hansen of Mega Book Marketing Expo 2008, image by Monica HolyFringe Dweller on the Night Shift by Monica Holy and Nicole ChaykaFrodo (Monica) and I (just call me Sam) went all the way to L.A. to attend a book publishing seminar by ‘the man’ (Mark Victor Hansen) and guess what? One week later we had a literary agent out of Chicago to represent us. One year later a publisher picked us up, and ten months after that our book Fringe Dweller was available via several major bookstores worldwide. We’re not saying that to brag (frankly we’re still in shock from all the ‘co-inside-ences’ that brought that whole schmazel together) but we wanted to illustrate how important it is to learn from those at the height of their craft.

 Michael Reynolds BC Earthship build, image by Monica HolyWhere Earthships are concerned, Michael Reynolds is that guy.

We learned so damn much.

We’d been swimming in a fishbowl with our design challenges which were easily dispatched at the end of the workday chatting over snow cones and rice crispy squares. The Earthship Biotecture folks were unlike any ‘construction crew’ we’ve ever met. They weren’t going to the ‘McJob’ site. They believed in this lifestyle. They themselves lived in an Earthship. Talk about the ultimate mastermind group for this subject. Our issues circled how to address a limited budget with our big dreams slash unlimited imaginations. We are after all typical artists with ‘Champagne tastes on a Beer budget’ as my dear ol’ Dad used to say. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, however entering the never never land of publishing does not automatically equal a win fall. We’re broke. How then to finance an Earthship?

One 'U' of the Darfield Earthship construction, image by Monica HolySeems that a sizable number of people who want to build an Earthship are in the same boat, ie. kinda broke, but that’s where creativity comes in. We were advised to consider starting small and adding on as funds came available such as a single ‘U’ or perhaps a tire HUT to enable us to live in something while building the main house in increments. If ‘fortune favoured the foolish’ as James Tiberious Kirk would say then we wouldn’t hesitate to take that chunk of change and invite the gang back to B.C. to throw that building up in no time.

Michael Reynolds BC Earthship build Day 2,image by Monica HolyApparently we Canadian volunteers (aka interns) kicked some serious b_tt in that we’d completed by the end of week one what was expected by the end of week two. Not bad indeed. It would be wrong of us to claim all the credit though when in point of fact it was organization that did the heavy lifting. The real reason we got as far as we did had to do with the owners having all the materials, tools and work stations set up before anyone arrived. Also an on site ‘cat’ plus a professional crane operator kept things moving along expediently so as much as we’d like to claim Canuck awesomeness we’ll just have to do so based on our micro brewed beer, B.C. bud and Maple Syrup instead.

Michael Reynolds BC Earthship build Day 12 ,image by Monica HolyTo every intern we met we’d like to say “You rock!” and to all the core crew of Earthship Biotecture who braved our approximation of summer weather we’d like to say, “Come back in the winter and we’ll take you ice fishing”. Thank you all for the memories and the tools to build our own house. May peace be on your house.

Samwise and Frodo out.

YouTube videos by Andrew McLellan:

Earthship Build in BC Canada 1 of 2:


Earthship Build in BC Canada 2 of 2:


Photo Image Credits:

Monica Holy (more of Monica’s photos on the BC, Canada build can be seen on the Earthship Biotecture website)

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