Candida Cleanse: Day 4 ‘No Healing Crisis, Disaster Averted!’

Nicole Chayka, co-author of Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift,& Canadian gal on a journey to live off the Grid with Middle Earth HomeI, Nikki, am Blogging my crazy thoughts and cravings during my on-going Candida Cleanse, in a step by step journal titled The Candida Chronicles , so I can share with you the Dietary Rules, the Meal Plans and Recipes , the Tips and Facts, and most importantly, the Results.If I can lick this problem, letting ‘Food be my Medicine’ and only using Herbals then you can too! Day 1 of my Candida Journal STARTS HERE.

Take the preliminary Candida Quiz to see what Candida is, and if you have the Symptoms of this nasty Yeast condition affecting both women, and men.

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The Recipes for a Candida Cleanse_PC Monica Holy

The Candida Chronicles, Candida Cleanse Day 4, by Nicole Chayka

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Yeah! No healing crisis today. Disaster averted for another day!

Recently, I received one of the four Candida Recipe Books I ordered off Amazon so I’ve been giving it a glance or two.  I am disappointed that they aren’t nearly as strict as my Naturopath is with the ingredient list because I won’t be able to use as many of the recipe suggestions as I had hoped.  Nonetheless, after a period of cleansing when I see certain results I will be able to be more lenient on myself, and reintroduce more ingredients back into the diet.

The strictness is in part due to the many foods that cause ‘Food Allergies’ these days.

Foods we are allergic to make it difficult to digest, and therefore play havoc with the digestive and subsequently immune system. That is why Corn, Peanut Butter, Nuts, and Wheat Products are off the list for awhile. Allergens produce an auto immune response of inflammation among other things. A large portion of the population is allergic to common foods often without even knowing it, and that is taxing to the body.  Take peanuts for example.  I grew up on the stuff.  So why is it that so many kids today are getting sick from it?  The answer is in the way peanuts are now grown.  There was a time when fruits and vegetables were all organic.  There wasn’t a term for it as such…it was just how it was done.  Today with all the pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that we spray on our crops it creates a world of trouble as these things build up in the body.  You are what you eat.  Peanuts today are now used as a ‘Clean Up’ Crop which means to say they follow a heavily sprayed crop of something else in order to clean up the soil for another re-planting.  This is why kids are allergic to peanut butter today.  This is also why I believe we all need to grow a garden of our own from heirloom variety seeds on whatever patch of ground is available to us.  The health of our families is in danger as a direct result of these farming practices.  That’s my rant…and now off we go…back to the Candida corner.

The Candida Directory and Cookbook, used as a reference for Nicole Chayka's Candida Cleanse in her Candida Chronicles, image by Monica HolyI will give you a full report when I have time to read it more thoroughly.  In case you are curious the book is called The Candida Directory: The Comprehensive Guidebook to Yeast-Free Living by Helen Gustafson and Maureen O’Shea.

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Here goes my day…

Before Breakfast:

Warm water with Acidophilus, Ginkgo, Femaherb, Salmon Oil

Skipped Breakfast today…I know I know it’s the most important meal of the day but I got into cooking mode straight away and it’s amazing how many make and freeze entre’s I have to show you! I know you are going to hate this part but I need to come clean with ‘das Gefuhl’ as my girlfriend’s Oma used to call it.  My mother used this technique also, and unfortunately ‘the feel’ has made it’s way into my kitchen as well.  You see I don’t use measurements when I cook…I taste then sprinkle or dollop or pinch so I can give you the ingredient list but not the exact amounts.  That will be left up to your taste buds.  Sorry in advance (I know how frustrating that can be if you aren’t a ‘Gefuhl’ cook)

A while back while on sale I bought a 6 lbs roast of beef, and today that puppy got carved up into four separate dishes:

  1. Roast Beef with Roasted Vegetables
  2. Marinated Steak
  3. Almost Texas Chilli
  4. Hearty Winter Soup

Next Candida Journal Post…

Image credits: Monica Holy, newagecrap

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