Candida Cleanse: Day 81 ‘Coffee Is Good For Gallstones!’

Nicole Chayka, co-author of Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift,& Canadian gal on a journey to live off the Grid with Middle Earth HomeI, Nikki, am Blogging my crazy thoughts and cravings during my on-going Candida Cleanse, in a step by step journal titled The Candida Chronicles , so I can share with you the The Dietary Rules , the Meal Plans and Recipes, the Tips and Facts , and most importantly, the Results. If I can lick this problem, letting ‘Food be my Medicine’ and only using Herbals then you can too! Day 1 of my Candida Journal STARTS HERE.

Take the preliminary Candida Quiz to see what Candida is,and if you have the Symptoms of this nasty Yeast condition affecting both women, and men.

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Coffee Is Good for Gallstones!

Yup that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Dr. Oz I love you man.  It’s not that I need justification but I really love it when I hear something that has such a bad rap…and then it turns out to be good for you in unexpected ways. (ok minus the cream and sugar so caramel macchiato doesn’t count)

On another note I’m flying solo for 5 weeks while the ‘other half’ goes off on an Earthship build with Michael Reynolds on one of the Gulf  Islands in B.C., so I hope you’ll check out Monica’s photo blog ‘My Survivor’ Earthship Build.  If you’ve never heard of an Earthship it really is a unique and sustainable structure and we ourselves intend to build one when we get the whole ‘land’ situation resolved.

Meanwhile back at the cabin on my own I am lapsing into old bad habits since no one is around to ‘remind’ me.  Do I sound like a little ol’ man or what?!  I can’t find a gosh darned thing around here, and how should I know which of the 5 remotes does what in this entertainment system?  It’s all I can do to handle turning on the ipod and make it ‘go’.

I miss my cds.

I’m really not cut out for this age of technology.  (sigh)  I miss my other half.


Acidophilus + herbals


Vegetable Marinara Sauce, image by Monica Holy

Non traditional (leftover Spaghetti Sauce + brown rice noodles)




Snapea Crisps, for a Candida Cleanse, an Experiment using Food as Medicine,Chronicled by Nicole Chayka, im

Not really…ate a bag of green Snapea Crisps


Mary's Organic Crackers, for a Candida Cleanse Recipe,an Experiment using Food as Medicine,Chronicled by Nicole Chayka, image by Monica Holy60 Pepper Hummus, Suitable for a Candida Cleanse, image by Monica Holy

Raw Radishes + Cranberry Fizzies + Mary’s Crackers + Hummus

Next Candida Journal Post…

Image Credit: Monica Holy, newagecrap

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