Candida Cleanse: Day 47 ‘Creative Itch, Transition Towns’

Nicole Chayka, co-author of Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift,& Canadian gal on a journey to live off the Grid with Middle Earth HomeI, Nikki, am Blogging my crazy thoughts and cravings during my on-going Candida Cleanse, in a step by step journal titled The Candida Chronicles, so I can share with you the The Dietary Rules, the Meal Plans and Recipes, the Tips and Facts, and most importantly, the Results. If I can lick this problem, letting ‘Food be my Medicine’ and only using Herbals then you can too! Day 1 of my Candida Journal STARTS HERE.

Take the preliminary Candida Quiz to see what Candida is,and if you have the Symptoms of this nasty Yeast condition affecting both women, and men.

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Writing songs again and it feels good.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a creative itch to scratch so we’ll see if there’s magic in them thar synapses still.

I spent a late night with our town’s Sustainability Committee watching a DVD of a documentary called, ‘Transitioning Towns.’ Finally some positive attitudes from the Transition Town Movement on ‘Peak Oil’ and what we can do to get ourselves off the oil dependency before the barrels are up to $3 a liter.

It was really nice to see some towns coming together and proactively finding ways to build their community into places people really wanted to live.  If you’re concerned about the whole peak oil situation you aren’t the only one.  Rent the DVD and share it with your family and friends.  We the people not the government will make this happen.


Acidophilus + Herbals


Brown Rice Crisps Cereal, for a Candida Cleanse, an Experiment using Food as Medicine, Chronicled by Nicole ChaykaCoffee, Latte, a food not allowed in the Candida Diet, for the article 'Dietary Rules for a Candida Cleanse', by Nicole Chayka, for Middle Earth Home

Brown rice cereal + rice milk

Coffee (with Stevia + organic  milk)


Chicken and Vegetable Soup


Rice Works Brown Rice Crisps, for a Candida Cleanse, an Experiment using Food as Medicine, Chronicled by Nicole Chayka, image by Monica Holy

Brown rice tortilla chips + herbal tea


Snapea Crisps, for a Candida Cleanse, an Experiment using Food as Medicine,Chronicled by Nicole Chayka, im

Snapea Crisps

Later night dinner:

Beef Stroganoff, for a Candida Cleanse Recipe,an Experiment using Food as Medicine,Chronicled by Nicole Chayka, image by Monica Holy
Poor Man’s Beef Stroganoff on brown rice pasta, with plain yogurt
Fizzy Bubbala

Next Candida Journal Post…

Image Credits: Monica Holy, newagecrap

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