Rattle Snakes and Getting Creative with Your Tent

Free range horses in Oliver, image by Monica HolyDriving on a 7ooo trek through BC to find ‘the’ perfect location for our Middle Earth Home Project that called out ‘If you Build it, They Will Come’, didn’t always provide the perfect tenting opportunity to set up camp for the night.

Parts of Oliver, British Columbia, can be as dry and sparse as a Spaghetti Western.  We’re walking a friend’s property, busy anticipating and envisioning  what her finished Dome Structure she was planning to build would look like.  The distinctive sound usually associated with a Nature Program on TV snapped us into instinctively dancing a side step and shoving each other out of harms way.

Looking down, we saw the ground looking like a giant pin cushion, riddled with holes each about 12 inches apart. It was late, our friend hadn’t showed, we had yet to pitch our tent, and we were surrounded by Rattle Snake Holes.

Where to pitch our tent?

We realized we’d need to get creative if we had any hopes of getting any sleep during the night.

Too many Rattle Snake holes to Tent on the ground, image by Monica Holy

After assessing the lack of any shelter on our friend’s lot of raw land, we decided we preferred being off the ground.

Too many Rattle Snake holes to Tent on the ground, so must get creative, image by Monica Holy

Sometimes getting creative, provides the most memorable moments of an adventure.

Image Credits: Monica Holy

Zero Carbon Footprint for a Green Sustainable Lifestyle, image by Monica Holy

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