Topless and Good Samaritans

Nicole Chayka at the wheel of Pearl the Wonder Jeep, as part of the Journey to search for suitable land to live off the grid for our Middle Earth Home Project, image by Monica Holy

Topless…imagine…(the Jeep….not the two girls), forestry roads, dust-grime-dirt on everything!!! 100km of pot holes, boulders, and bovine…we could have walked faster!  Never take someone’s word when they tell you a short cut, insist it’s paved, and rave about the view.  Good start to our 7000 km search for suitable land to create our Middle Earth Home.  Add to that a music festival in the middle of ‘No Vacancy’ signs… town… after town… after town.

Good Samaritan and Head Chef Tom in front of the Retallack Lodge, with Pearl the Wonder Jeep, image by Monica Holy
That’s how we finally stumbled across the ‘Host with the Most’-Tom, at the Retallack Lodge.  Not only did we receive a complete overhaul on the jeep the next day… but we were treated to an overhaul ourselves, from Sauna, Soak in the Hot Tub, to a Gourmet 3 course meal at Midnight. Did we mention he’s a Head Chef from Germany?

We also had our first introduction, to Micro Hydro, the force of running water from a stream that  generated the Electricity needed to run the Lodge. Very Cool.

Thank you Tom for your generosity.

Image credits: Monica Holy

Zero Carbon Footprint for a Green Sustainable Lifestyle, image by Monica Holy

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