Monica Holy and Nicole Chayka of Middle Earth Home, a Green Alternative and Sustainable Project to live Off the GridMiddle Earth Home is the brainchild of two middle aged Canadian gals, Monica Holy and Nicole Chayka,  who have a strong urge to live off the grid, and create a sustainable lifestyle.
“You may be wondering why we are putting up a website and blogging about the trials and tribulations of inching towards our ‘green’ goals.  Mostly to connect with like minded people, and offer sustainable living content we had a dilly of a time finding ourselves, such as:

Middle Earth Home website

If our embarrassing moments succeed in either educating or entertaining you, that would be a bonus. We’ll be including our decision making steps through journal entries in Our Diary to Self Sustainability.

Besides, it would be a shame to let the files collect dust in the closet.

We knew we would eventually turn into our parents who raised us on hobby farms and in cottage country in Ontario. We just didn’t think it would happen this soon.  To that end we are working towards our dream home of building a Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling, aka Earthship.

We’ve affectionately nick named this dream “Middle Earth” for the Hobbit Holes we so love.

“Middle Earth Home”



Our intention is to create an Organic sanctuary… a place of well being… where time stands still… and putting your hands in the soil feels good.


Our motivation is to be supportive of family and close friends in their time of healing or indecision.

‘Middle Earth’:

Middle Earth’ is our metaphor for a hand sculpted dwelling, that is self sustainable, off the grid, and completely synergistic with its natural environment.

We will henceforth be known as ‘the Girls’ or Trouble One and Trouble Two if you prefer (although Nikki n’ Monica works pretty well too).  Considering we are city slickers there has been a lot to learn.  Thankfully, we read a lot, listen to people a lot, and connect a lot, both on and off line, so we have acquired a vast storehouse of articles, information and contacts these past five years. We will be offering our findings from all over the world although there will be a very distinctive ‘Canuck’ flavour as we reside in Central B.C., Canada.”

Nice to meet you,

Monica Holy, Nicole Chayka

Image Credit: Monica Holy

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