The ‘Zero’ Electric Motorcycle

Zero Dual Sport Electric Motorcycles


The name of the new full on, fully functional road worthy electric motorcycle that goes from ‘Zero to 100’ clicks (km)/hour in just 5 seconds is aptly called, ‘Zero’. Die hard bike fans may not be impressed with its lack of moving mechanical parts or the fact that it won’t ‘ramp up’ due to the lack of gears, but I am thrilled. It’s one step away from being in my garage as soon as they exxxxxxxxxxtend the distance that a single charge can go.

Electric motors have been around for awhile, but not to this extent before. More like kids toys I find mopeds cute for the college student getting around town at a government mandatory max of 32 km/hour which makes it nice for boogieing around the city, but not much else if you need to hit the highway.

'Zero' X Electric Trail Bike'Zero' Electric Street Motorcycle'Zero' Dual Sport Electric Motorcycles

The Zero has options for trail, city or hybrid dual sport.

It gets a max speed of 110km/hour and will go a distance of 80 km tops. The lithium ion battery gives a higher output then the regular lead acid variety and the unit weighs in at a scant 124 kilos.


It operates as a one speed tranni, has a drive chain with disc brakes front and back, and inverted front forks. Since I broke my cherry on a 1978, 650 cc- KzSr I will personally find it weird not to feather the clutch as there is none!

'Zero' S Electric Street Motorcycle

Aside from some tire noise or a slight engine whirring don’t expect much in the way of sound which can be good or bad depending on your circumstances. Certainly if you are trying to sneak into the house at 3am this is a bonus, whereas if the deer crossing the road doesn’t see or hear you coming they won’t necessarily jump out of the way. We’ll have to wait and see what happens on that front.

'Zero' DS Electric Motorcycle'Zero' DS on dirt trail 'Zero' X Electric Motorcycle trail bike

There are 10 soon to be stores selling them across Canada however for now you have to order them online. This is a clean, non polluting, 4hour plug in and recharge on a 110/220 volt system option to gas guzzling, sputtering, fuming, environmental madness -especially if you live and work within city limits. For us rural dwellers a vehicle that goes a little further per charge is required for a round trip travel option, but I have high hopes they are just around the corner.

Check out the National Geographic Gear of the Year Award 2010:

Come see this bad boy for yourself:

If you’d rather give them a call: 888-RUN-ZERO or (888)786-9376

Image credits: ‘Zero’ Motorcycle

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