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A look at the variety of sustainable alternative energies.

Passive Solar Gain Technologies For a More Sustainable Home

Diagram illustrating Passive Solar Gain using the Sun and Architectural Design for a Sustainable HomeUtilizing the sun can go a long way to freely and efficiently heating your home during the daylight hours. A building that is intentionally sited to Face the Southern Exposure taking into account the arc of the sun and the maximum exposure of daylight hours will enjoy Free Heating. Passive Solar is a beautiful thing. The direct heat or light of the sun can be captured and utilized. Here are some designs that need only be placed in the direct line of the sun to get the job done.

Converting Solar Energy into Electricity

There is A LOT going on out there right now in the area of Solar Technology, especially since Peak Oil hit it’s peak. The race to find sustainable methods of meeting our energy demands around the planet is ON. Solar is one of a few Renewable Resources along with wind, wave, mechanical and bio-fuels. So long as there is sun we can utilize either its heat or its light to fulfill our energy needs. The solar market is shifting constantly with new innovations so we will explore some tried and true systems that have been on the market awhile for individual consumption, as well as emerging technologies stepping up to become power plants.

The ‘Zero’ Electric Motorcycle

Zero… The name of the new full on, fully functional road worthy electric motorcycle that goes from ‘Zero to 100’ clicks (km)/hour in just 5 seconds is aptly called, ‘Zero’. Die hard bike fans may not be impressed with its lack of moving mechanical parts or the fact that it won’t ‘ramp up’ due to…

Why go Geothermal?

Geothermal is a method of tapping into the constant and reliable earth temperatures as a means to heat or cool your buildings or your home.  In laymen terms a hole is dug deep down into the earth, and a pipe inserted to form a loop that comes back into your home allowing the transfer of…

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