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We will bring to your attention anything that we found helpful to live a natural and sustainable life from alternative architecture, to alternative medicine, to alternative people and uh….alternative ideas will be examined and cross examined here on Middle Earth Home with book reviews by Nicole Chayka and Monica Holy

Candida Cleanse: Day 36 ‘Candida Directory, A Book Review’

Day 36 of my Candida Cleanse, and I’m doing a book review of ‘The Candida Directory and Cookbook. The book was written by Helen Gustafson (a former sufferer of Candida) and Maureen O’Shea (a nutritional consultant) to assist people by putting together an elegant recipe book for this particular cleanse. I for one appreciate the segment of the book devoted to a 3 stage process to help plan the great cure against bad ‘Yeasties’. I found myself however disappointed with the differences in information between…’

‘Eating Alive’ by Dr. John Matsen, ND

The Eating Alive Program by Dr. John Matsen, ND: Book Review of: Eating Alive: Prevention Thru Good Digestion by Dr. John Matsen I first learned of Naturopathic Medicine and Dr. Matsen in particular when I was living in a little basement suite up in Lynn Valley on the North Shore of Vancouver. I was working…

The Humanure Toilet

First off let me just bow to Joseph Jenkins, author of the ‘Humanure Handbook’, when I say Bill and Ted style, “We are not worthy”. This man has single-handedly come up with the most practical, sane, hygienic, and useful means of dealing with human waste that I have ever heard of.  This is no light…

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