Gardening Tip for Bad Backs

Photo of 'Indiana in the Greenhouse' by LuizaPhoto of 'Working in a Greenhouse' by NIOSH

Gardening for many of us is a joy that we don’t want to have to give up just because anything concerning bending over for say, seeding and weeding is taking a toll on our back. Well the good news is that we don’t have to.

If we can’t bend down the obvious solution is to raise our garden up, to our height, where we can stand or sit while performing our chores.  One such garden is putting pots on a stainless steel cart so we can push the plants around to different work stations, or in the sun, or to be watered as needed.  Make sure the pots have sufficient drainage in the bottom.

Photo of 'Greenhouse' by DvortygirlPhoto of 'Shade Garden' by Wendy Piersall

Another variation is to make your own tall garden boxes slightly higher than your waist height so you won’t have to bend over to tend to them.  Of course these are stationary so make sure you place them to the particular lighting/shading needs of the plants you intend to cultivate.  It’s a treat to make rows of planters that are just wide enough to be easily reachable from either side, and another bonus is using smaller hand tools to get the job done.  It’s important to refresh and replenish the soil between plantings so consider fertilizing with compost and rotating your food crops to new areas.

Happy planting!

Image credits Luiza, NIOSH, Dvortygirl, Wendy Piersall

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