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A Stackable System using Chickens and Gardening

Photo 'Vegetable Sunset' by Thomas EulerPhoto 'IMGA0003_bugs' by gregor y

A stackable system while living sustainably is taking into account which systems will work better together than apart, and going with the flow of that.

For example if you plan on having an organic garden consider also having chickens.  Why?  They stack.

Gardens get insect pests and a natural predator of bugs is of course poultry.  Chickens on the other hand need a certain amount of protein in their diet along side the grains we feed them.  It is a good idea to fence off a small section of your garden every day for the natural inclination of the birds to go foraging.  This keeps them safe, gives them what they need and in turn helps you control the insect population munching on your prized pumpkin patch, and that is a beautiful thing.

Photo of a Chicken in a yard by gina pinaPhoto 'Vegetable Garden 2008' by normanack

Image credits Thomas Euler, gregor y, gina pinanormanack

Why Pigs don’t go with Cows

When setting up a successful animal community,  there are a few things to take into account. Pigs don’t go with Cows, or sheep, or goats for that matter. Aside from the fact that these animals have some very different behaviors and needs there is another reason, a practical one. Cows, sheep and goats will very…

How to Shut Up a Rooster!

Man does this bring back memories living on my parents little 56 acre hobby farm in Ontario back in the 80’s.  I have never particularly been a morning person so Roosters were not particularly my favorite farm animal.  Short of sharpening the axe there are a few suggestions that might help you get that extra…

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