Earth Home Living: Building A Sustainable Solution

The First Ever Canadian Earth Home Construction Crew

Pat Potter of Earth Home Living, building Sustainable Homes aka Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling, Earthship, photo by Monica HolyChuck Potter of Earth Home Living showing how to pound a tire at the Eco Ark Saskatchewan workshop for a Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling aka Earthship, photo by Monica Holy

When we met Pat and Chuck Potter in their Earth Home  in Ontario, in January of 2009…we knew they were the type of people to ‘get things done’.

Monica Holy and Nicole Chayka in front of Pat and Chuck Potter's Earth Home, aka Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling, Earthship, in Ontario, photo by Monica Holy

Again in May of 2009 we were happy to pick their brains on Saskatchewan’s Eco Ark Build as Thomas and Manda Porter broke ground on their own earth build.

Nicole Chayka attending the Eco Ark Saskatchewan Earth Home build for a Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling, aka Earthship, Photo by Monica Holy

We are beyond pleased to announce that the Potter’s have done it again.

In 1999 Chuck and Pat Potter were the first Canadians (in Gilmore, Ontario) to complete a Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling (aka an Earthship).  Now a family affair the younger Potters  (daughter Pat and Grandson Justin) have joined them as they embark on yet another first-to be the First Permitted Construction Crew in Canada leading the charge to Self Sustainability building ‘Earth Homes’.

The Potters have said that they are willing to travel across this great land of ours to assist their fellow Canadians on their builds.  If you wish to hire them you will have to contact them directly by phone (not internet yet).  If you wish to volunteer on builds you will also need to make contact by phone.  All contact information is listed in their brochure below.

Just when Pat and Chuck thought they were retired destiny called out to them to start a new career.  Good luck guys.  We love you. Thank you for taking this on.

Here’s Pat and Chuck’s Brochure:




Global Climate Change and Over Consumption of our earth’s resources convinced Pat and I to change our lifestyle to reduce our “footprint” on this our only planet. The scientific evidence is overwhelming; we must greatly reduce our CO2 emissions to avoid the unthinkable.

The solution — Earth Home Living.

When we live, work, shop and play locally we become sustainable. We give the future back to our children!

The Potter EARTH  HOME In Winter aka rammed earth tire dwelling, earthship, sustainable home, middle earth home

Earth Homes do not need a furnace to heat them. They do not contribute to Global Climate Change by burning fossil fuels!

How can this be? When the outside temperature is -30° C. all conventional houses, even straw bale, must input enough heat to raise the temperature from -30° C up to +20° C to reach a comfortable temperature zone. This is a 50° rise in temperature! By their design, Earth Homes cannot fall below +10° C which is the earth temperature below frost line, no matter how cold it is outside! Earth Homes only have to input enough heat to raise the temperature from +10° C earth temperature up to +20° C room temperature. This is only a 10° rise in temperature! This is an amazing 5 times less heat input to be comfortable and 5 times less heating expense! You do not even have to heat them during night time as the temperature remains very stable and does not drop. If you do not heat a conventional home, even straw bale, when it is -30° C outside, it soon becomes a well insulated ice box inside! During the ice storm of 1998 many people had to abandon their homes, it just became too cold inside their homes!

Earth Homes are heated by the sun and the coldest days are sunny days. They are also heated by the warmth of the earth. The thick mass walls give off heat if the room temperature is 1° colder than the wall. If the room temperature is 1° warmer than the wall, the thick mass wall absorbs the excess heat to cool the room. By design they heat and cool themselves, low tech, low cost and no pollution – a Sustainable Solution!

Potter Earth Home in Summer, aka Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling, or Earthship


  • Our home burns no fossil fuels to heat the home.
  • We are off the oil & gas pipeline.
  • Completely off the electric grid.
  • Heated by the Sun and warmth of the earth.
  • Electrically powered by solar & wind power.
  • We use a wood stove for cooking and for backup heat if needed.
  • A sustainable wood lot for fuel.
  • 14 organic vegetable garden beds.
  • 3 indoor grey water treatment planters to treat sink water and grow food.
  • A compost toilet to compost human wastes. A Solar model is being tested..
  • A food pantry for cans & preserves.
  • 2 root cellars to store vegetables.
  • Our wood stove ashes supply phosphorous and potash fertilizers for the vege garden.
  • 8 compost bins to return more organic matter back to the soil than vegetables use.
  • 6 worm compost bins to make soil.
  • A solar, wind powered clothes dryer.
  • A garden laboratory to save our own heritage seeds, propagate plants and test our garden soil.
  • A knowledge library on sustainable living to share and pass on to our next generation.
  • A solar powered refrigerator.
  • An auxiliary cold storage unit to keep food cold from Oct. to May using cold night air.
  • A 2nd. year supply of dry fire wood.
  • A 300 ft deep well with 2 cisterns to supply the house and garden.
  • A 10’x40’ green house is being built.
  • Earth Home Photo Gallery is source of income so we do not commute to work.
  • A passive solar workshop to repair and maintain our garden tools.
  • We do NOT use lawnmowers, weed eaters, tractors or ATVs.
  • A Siberian husky/wolf guard dog.
  • 2 outhouses for the constant stream of visitors.


  • Let our Design Team create your custom Earth Home Design blue prints. A building crew is available, book early!
  • Generic designs are also available.
  • Our designs meet Ontario Building Code.
  • Building Permits are being issued!

We do enjoy sharing our building experience with others, for an appointment and directions please phone, thank you. Hope to see you soon!



Map to the Potter Earth Home, aka Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling or Earthship, a Sustainable House_middle earth home

We are centrally located within a 3 hour drive from Toronto or Ottawa, on highway # 62, just 20 minutes south of Bancroft or 30 minutes north of  Madoc and Hwy # 7.

Browsers welcome to the Earth Home Photo Gallery.

Now in our 8th year!

Gallery open by appointment only:

Call 416-899-7726

R.R. # 2, Box GB 344,
22227 Highway # 62,
Gilmour, Ontario, K0L 1W0.

© Chuck Potter 2011.
All sales support environmental education.



Potter EARTH HOME Work Shops building Canadian Rammed Earth Tire   Dwelling, Earthships, from their Earth Home School of Sustainability near   Bancroft Ontario_middle earth home

Participants will learn the techniques of building with used automobile tires to construct a passive solar home with discussions on sustainable living and a tour of the earth home on the premises. This is a hands-on class – participants are expected to dress for construction work, the weather, and to be interested in two full days of physical activity. Participants are asked to bring safety glasses, leather work gloves, rubber or latex gloves for cement work, a sledge hammer (6 lb. for the gals & 8 lb for the guys) and steel toed safety boots. Dress for the weather, remember sunscreen and bug spray. Please bring all food and beverages you require.

We really recommend that all participants read:

Earthship: How to Build Your Own, Vol. 1 by Michael Reynolds.
ISBN 0-9626767-0-5 by Solar Survival Press.

Reading this book will give you a full understanding of the basic design concepts, enabling you to get much more out of the course’s hands on experience.

Courses run for 2 days on a Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Registration requires a $100.00 non-refundable deposit.
Please contact us for workshop dates and times.
Fee: $500.00 per person. Balance of Payment Due: Before 9:00 am Saturday.
Cash, Cheque. Please make cheques payable to the EARTH HOME GALLERY.

Volunteering on an Earth Home Build:

If you’re interested in VOLUNTEERING on a build, contact

Justin Hayes
Sustainable Engineering and Design



You have seen it on HOME & GARDEN TV! You have read about it in the TORONTO STAR! Now see it in real life!

The Tire House everyone is talking about!

The most environmentally friendly home with the New Sustainable Life Style:

As seen on Home & Garden TV in 26 countries around the world!

  • Low cost, no monthly mortgage!
  • No monthly utility bills!
  • Passive solar, mass heat storage!
  • Completely solar & wind powered!
  • Off the electric power grid!
  • Off the oil & gas pipeline! NO contribution to Climate Change!
  • Low cost design uses recycled automobile tires!
  • Small footprint on our Mother Earth!
  • A Sustainable Solution!

Can you imagine! Discover the freedom!

Check out their  2011 Annual ‘Potter Potluck Picnic’, a  Networking summer event in Ontario, to meet the Potters and learn more about Earth Homes, Rammed Earth Tire Dwellings aka Earthships.

Image Credits: Monica Holy, Earth Home Living

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    April 17, 2011 | 1:48 pm

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  2. Dmitri Shaffer
    April 28, 2011 | 10:31 am


    Thank you for the great work you are doing. Hopefully more people will be able to build these incredible home in the near future.

    I currently live in Toronto and dream of building my own off greed sustainable home. Hopefully in a community of like minded individuals.

    I quit my corporate job a few years ago and am self employed lighting specialist ever since. I supply super efficient LED lighting and considering now an expansion into bio-diesel made from waste products.

    I would be more than happy to visit your Earthship and to learn as much as possible about it’s construction as well as legal issues with building permits and such. At the same time, I could share my expertise with you and get you some LEDs to try in the Earthship.

    Looking forward to your reply,
    Dmitri Shaffer

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