Green and Sustainable Building Technologies:

We will be covering natural building construction combining Eco Architecture and Biotecture principles such as Adobe, Bamboo, Cob, Cordwood, Dome Construction, Earthbag, Earthships, Papercrete, Straw Bale, and whatever else we come across in our pursuit to building our own sustainable structures for our Middle Earth Home Project.

Eco Architecture:

Eco architecture stands for life affirming homes that are healthful, using sustainable and inert materials good for humans and good for Mother Nature.  We go so far as to explore recycling in creative ways re-using objects  that otherwise would grace our landfills.
Eco does not stand for the economy.  Economics have made a mockery of building healthy and sustainable homes for humans and the natural world around them long enough.



1. The profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their sustainability.

2. A combination of biology and architecture.

Through ‘Biotecture’ we will be exploring alternative architecture and building techniques for their pros and cons as they relate to sustainability and the natural world.

Recycled Tires, image by Jessica ReederCob patty, image by Uncleweed

We won’t be promoting any one structure over the others as that depends on your environment and your needs, as to what pros and cons matter most to you.  The only mud slinging that will take place around here will be of a cob nature or throwing plaster on the wall.


Photo of Hay Bales by Peter HeilmannPhoto of Bottle and Tin Can wall 'P1020262' by Jessica Reeder

Image credits: Monica Holy, Jessica Reeder, Uncleweed, Peter Heilmann,

Recent green and natural building articles

Earth Home Living’s 2nd Annual ‘Potter Picnic Potluck’

Come Join the Festivities at ‘The Big P3’

Pat and Chuck Potter of Earth Home Living, building Rammed Earth Tire Dwellings aka EarthshipsJustin Hayes, Owner and Operator of Sustainable Engineering and Design

‘Earth Home Living’, is the first Canadian permitted Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling aka Earthship Crew. Pat & Chuck Potter have formed a family business with daughter Pat & Grandson Justin Hayes, Owner and Operator of Sustainable Engineering and Design, to build Permitted Sustainable Homes in Ontario, Canada.

Contact Info:

Justin Hayes
Sustainable Engineering and Design

Earth Home Living’s 2nd Annual ‘Potter Picnic Potluck’:

Potter Earth Home in Summer, aka Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling, or EarthshipThe Potter EARTH HOME In Winter aka rammed earth tire dwelling, earthship, sustainable home, middle earth home
If you’ve built an Earthship or if you simply want to build one -this is the networking event of the summer.

Bring the kids and a tasty something-something to the 2nd Annual Potter Picnic Potluck.  We call it the big P3 for short.

Where: Limerick Community Center #175- Hwy 620 in Gilmore, Ontario
When: July 17th, 2011 from 10am-4pm
What: Picnic and Networking event for Earthship lovers
Why: To meet each other and the first Canadian earth ship construction crew
How: $5 admission fee requested to offset the rental of the community center for the day

Also there are $5 tables available to rent if you should want to sell your wares be it organic produce to bees wax. Think of this as an impromptu farmer’s market with a band.

Pat Potter explaining the one-bedroom design for an Earthhome aka Earthship

Please call Pat Potter to RSVP the event at 416-899-7726.

The Potters will be off the clock that day (no home tours) but look  forward to sharing an informal and fun day socializing with you and your

Bring the kids and baseball gloves as there is a baseball diamond and fun to be had.  Rain or shine the event goes on.

From our family to yours we look forward to seeing you.

Middle Earth Home graphic for website

Image Credits: Justin Hayes

Earth Home Living: Building A Sustainable Solution

‘Earth Home Living’, is the first Canadian permitted Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling aka Earthship Crew. Pat & Chuck Potter have formed a family business with daughter Pat & Grandson Justin to build permitted Sustainable Homes in Ontario, Canada. Their projects will lead them across Canada, spreading the awareness of living a Green, sustainable lifestyle and implementing a Zero Carbon footprint. You can reach them at …

Cob House Building

Have you ever looked at a cliff swallow’s nest and marveled at their cleverness? Nature once again offers us examples to emulate. The lovely thing about cob is how forgiving it is for the novice. Luckily most of us have experience with it as wee things playing pretend outside with mud pies. In fact I…

Measurement for an Earthship’s Battered Retaining Wall

Just as each row must be measured tire to tire to make sure it remains level from end to end; so too does the wall need to be measured from the ground up to the top, and backwards. In the latest style of Earthship (the Global Model) the retaining walls would stagger or ‘batter’ on…

Creating a ‘Half Tire’ for an Earthship Tire Wall

Using ‘Half Tires’ to Fill Odd Spaces in a Rammed Earth Tire Wall: There is more than one way to skin a cat and several ways to approach a half tire. (my cat Mist is deeply offended that I even went there with that feline crack, however she’s been shredding the fabric on my chairs…

How to Pound a Tire for an Earthship Home

Pounding Tires for a Rammed Earth Tire Wall: Pounding a Tire…oh what fun! Ok-Ok I’m being sarcastic but only because I have a few lower back challenges so bending over at a 45 degree angle makes my chiropractor really upset with me. It is fun on the first go, but by the time you get…

Leveling the First Tire Row for an Earthship

Sighting and Trenching a Level Foundation for the First Row of Tires: The hole is dug, the dirt is piled off to the side and you are ready to lay down your first course of tires, right? Psych! No not yet. One small but infinitely important step is to ‘sight’ your foundation from the east…

Excavating the Foundation for an Earthship Home

Excavating the Foundation to the Frost Line: Depending on where you live you will have a choice of building above ground and berming your home (in say rocky terrain where you can’t dig down unless you blast it) or below the surface. Excavating your foundation just below the frost line is preferable by far in…

Where B.C. Hobbits, a Publishing Guru and Earthship Mentors Meet

Frodo (Monica) and I (just call me Sam) went all the way to L.A. to attend a book publishing seminar by ‘the man’ (Mark Victor Hansen) and guess what? One week later we had a literary agent out of Chicago to represent us. One year later a publisher picked us up, and ten months after…

Rammed Earth Tire Dwellings, aka Earthships

If you shut off all your mechanical means to heat your home in the winter time at say -25 below, would you find it mildly chilly or would it be completely uninhabitable? Earthships, created by Michael Reynolds, are brilliant, and we intend to build one. It is considered to be a sustainable structure. An Earthship is a structure that needs no foundation to hold it up and is placed directly on the ground to take advantage of Geo Thermal principles. The glass wall of the greenhouse stretches along the entire east/west side of the house which is oriented towards the southern sky. This allows sunlight to enter the structure all day where the planters can benefit, and the substantial thermal mass collects, stores and releases the heat of the day slowly at night when most needed.

Papercrete Construction

Papercrete is recycle-reusing old paper in a slurry of sand and cement mixed and poured into molds to make any size and shape brick you please. It’s cement ‘light’, all the insulated properties you want without the weight. The recipe goes as follows: 60% paper (newspaper/cardboard/magazines), 30% sand and 10% cement. Once that puppy cures…

Bamboo Homes

Raised in the cold northern climate of Canada, when I think of bamboo I generally think of some tropical climate far far away. That stereotype however is completely bogus as I’ve also seen the stuff growing in the Chinese gardens off Keefer St. in Vancouver, B.C., and now that I think of it all over…

Adobe Architecture

Nothing can be simpler than mud. It’s been around forever and can be found everywhere on the globe.  In fact adobe bricks, which are essentially sun dried blocks stacked and cemented together with mortar, are then either left alone or covered over with an earthen plaster (so that’s mud to the power of three). Adobe…

Straw Bale Homes

You may think that you can huff and puff and blow this house down, but unless your name is Superman, think again.  The Straw Bale hasn’t been around nearly as long as cob or rammed earth, but it has proven to be a very substantial building material starting in the late 1800’s when new settlers…

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