Candida Cleanse: Day 93 ‘What the Hell is Muscle Testing?’

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What the Hell is Muscle Testing?

I’m not sure if we talked about this already in another article on the site because I do lose track of the articles, songs, and blurbs I’ve written.

Muscle Testing in laymen’s terms?

I think of muscle testing as Body Wisdom and a direct connection to your Subconscious Mind.  Your body already knows what’s going on with itself and if you ask it from time to time to tell you what’s good for you or not it will answer.  It’s a good plan to check in on what’s changed from time to time as what worked before may no longer be the case.

Here’s one (there are many) ways that I use to muscle test.  It’s so simple you will be amazed.  Stand up relaxed and straight preferably with shoes off and ask your body to show you what ‘yes’ looks like.  Whatever movement your body wants to do just go with it and do NOT control or restrain it.  My body usually rocks forward for yes, backwards for no and doesn’t move for maybe or neutral positions.  Each and every time you go to muscle test you must re-establish the ‘co-ordinates’ of yes, no, and maybe.

Now comes the fun.  Ask questions or make statements that require a yes or no answer starting with things you already know the answer to such as..”My name is Tom? I am 16 years old. I hate chocolate.  Cigarettes are good for me.”

Once a Baseline of accuracy is established…hold an item such as a glass of milk in your hands and ask…”Is this good for me?”  Place bottle of herbals etc. close to your heart and ask away.

Muscle testing is an excellent way to discover your food allergies or simply what the body feels it needs right now for health.  I’m out picking Dandelion Flowers for tea these days because my liver needs some TLC. (lol)

Good luck with this and may you find out some interesting things about yourself.


Acidophilus + multivitamin + Herbals.


Cooked Hamburger,for a Candida Cleanse,an Experiment using Food as Medicine,Chronicled by Nicole Chayka, image by Monica HolyCooked Quinoa, for a Candida Cleanse Recipe, image by Monica Holy

Japanese Hamburger Mixture + Quinoa + cranberry fizzy

Cranberry fizzy cocktail (just add a splash of vodka)


Japanese Hamburger Mixture + Quinoa

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