Candida Cleanse: Day 26 ‘Over Exposure to Corn, We’re Becoming Alergic’

Nicole Chayka, co-author of Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift,& Canadian gal on a journey to live off the Grid with Middle Earth HomeI, Nikki, am Blogging my crazy thoughts and cravings during my on-going Candida Cleanse, in a step by step journal titled The Candida Chronicles, so I can share with you the The Dietary Rules, the Meal Plans and Recipes, the Tips and Facts, and most importantly, the Results. If I can lick this problem, letting ‘Food be my Medicine’ and only using Herbals then you can too! Day 1 of my Candida Journal STARTS HERE.

Take the preliminary Candida Quiz to see what Candida is,and if you have the Symptoms of this nasty Yeast condition affecting both women, and men.

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Let’s talk about corn.

I watched a documentary called ‘Food Inc.’ and CORN is a filler in bloody everything. Have you read the labels on the side of a carton or can lately?  It’s hard to get away from it.

People are becoming allergic to it because just like wheat we are OVER EXPOSED and when you have too much of a certain thing that’s not balance.

Just to be clear I have a philosophy of life that extends to my food and it is this:  “Nothing is good nor bad but thinking makes it so.”  And “All things in moderation.” Oh and let’s not forget Dora in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ when she says….’Keep on swimming-Keep on swimming-Keep on swimming”  That has nothing to do with food but it’s damn fine advice.

So corn is off the list for good reason.  Many people are allergic to it due to over exposure to it and don’t even know…..ahem…it.


Acidophilus + Herbals


Brown Rice Crisps Cereal, for a Candida Cleanse, an Experiment using Food as Medicine, Chronicled by Nicole Chayka

Brown Rice Cereal + Rice Milk
Herbal Tea


Guacamole, suitable for a Candida Cleanse, image by Monica Holy

2 Slices of Freybee’s Salami, Homemade Guacamole + Rice Crackers


Fried Chicken, for a Candida Cleanse,an Experiment using Food as Medicine,Chronicled by Nicole Chayka, image by Monica Holy

Fried Chicken + Salad

Yes I said Fried Chicken.  I may be able to resist bread and pasta and chocolate…but fried chicken is out of the question.  I got the recipe off a Bobby Flay ‘Throwdown’ Food Network TV show, so as much as I’d like to claim this as one of mine…nope.  This is Monica’s last solid meal for the next four days while she’s on her Cola Vada Cleanse so I am honoring her request.

Yum oh yum.

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Image Credits: Monica Holy, newagecrap

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