Candida Cleanse: Day 54 ‘Survived All the Flying Chocolate’

Nicole Chayka, co-author of Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift,& Canadian gal on a journey to live off the Grid with Middle Earth HomeI, Nikki, am Blogging my crazy thoughts and cravings during my on-going Candida Cleanse, in a step by step journal titled The Candida Chronicles, so I can share with you the The Dietary Rules, the Meal Plans and Recipes, the Tips and Facts, and most importantly, the Results. If I can lick this problem, letting ‘Food be my Medicine’ and only using Herbals then you can too! Day 1 of my Candida Journal STARTS HERE.

Take the preliminary Candida Quiz to see what Candida is,and if you have the Symptoms of this nasty Yeast condition affecting both women, and men.

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Easter Monday.

I have managed to elude all the chocolate flying around the house which says something.  The cleanse is working.  My cravings aren’t so bad anymore. It didn’t really bother me to break up the semi sweet bar into chunks (yes I actually touched it) in the bowl for the crew to partake of during ‘movie night’.  Oddly enough it didn’t get to me at all.

It’s true that this Birthday/Easter long weekend wasn’t strict to a ‘T’ where my cleanse is concerned.  I did manage to survive it without going off the rails in any big way so I will give myself a pat on the back for that. Celebrate what you can and whenever you can. I’ll take the small win all the way to victory.


Acidophilous + minerals


Steak and eggs


Grilled Chicken Spinach Salad, for a Candida Cleanse Recipe,an Experiment using Food as Medicine,Chronicled by Nicole Chayka, image by Monica Holy

Chicken salad


Pork chops marinated in Pineapple + garlic shrimp, salad +
Fizzy Bubbala

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Image Credits: Monica Holy, newagecrap

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