‘Eating Alive’ by Dr. John Matsen, ND

The Eating Alive Program by Dr. John Matsen, ND:

Book review by Nicole Chayka on Eating Alive by Dr. Jonn Matsen, image by Monica HolyBook Review of: Eating Alive: Prevention Thru Good Digestion by Dr. John Matsen

I first learned of Naturopathic Medicine and Dr. Matsen in particular when I was living in a little basement suite up in Lynn Valley on the North Shore of Vancouver. I was working in the film industry in the paint department,  sucking on fumes and dipping my hands in toxic waste daily when a pal from the set deck department put me onto his first book called, “Eating Alive- Prevention thru good Digestion”.

I was open to taking this friend’s advice a little more seriously in that she had been diagnosed with kidney stones, and was told she would need surgery very soon. Being the stubborn and feisty broad that she is she refused this treatment option, citing that she would do all she could to help them pass through her body naturally and would only consider going under the scalpel as a last resort. Now I’ve never passed kidney stones nor have I given birth to a baby, but I’ve heard passing stones is more painful, so I have a great deal of respect for her taking the ‘hard route’. She worked with Dr. Matsen on a kidney cleanse and a diet targeted to her condition for several months. She recognized that she needed to make a lifestyle change and I tip my hat that she did it. Speaking of ..more people have heard of actress Jennifer Beals (Flash Dance) than my buddy so it might surprise you to read an article/interview written up on how her chronic fatigue syndrome was successfully dealt with using the Eating Alive program. Link here to read about it. http://www.prohealth.com/me-cfs/blog/boardDetail.cfm?id=349152

I enjoyed the straight forward logic behind the books’ healing modality that eating healthful organic foods in season from your local area, proper food combining and eliminating any allergy causing foods, together with eating raw for full nutritional value made common sense to me. I am fully aware that not every healing modality and certainly not every dietary lifestyle works for every individual…and that is why I believe it is our personal responsibility to explore and discover what does work particularly for us.

The book is an easy read and breaks down (no pun intended) the mystery of how poor digestion and poor food choices ultimately has a direct correlation on our health. There is a menu plan and 140 recipes to help you get the party started.

I do have a confession to make here and that is while I was on the Eating Alive Program I felt great, lost scads of weight and was clear headed for the duration. Unfortunately, I returned to my old habits because that’s what I do sometimes…lapse into old habits and I fully take responsibility for not sticking with it. I do not see that as a failing whatsoever on Dr. Matsen’s part it is simply my nature to fall into old ways and perhaps some NLP will help me with that (hh). Nonetheless, eating differently gave me the opportunity to witness what good feels like and what my body can feel like if I give it the building blocks it needs to take care of itself.

This summery was taken from Dr. Matsen’s own site…

Dr Matsen is the author of 'Eating Alive-prevention thru good digestion'“Dr. Matsen has found that virtually all chronic health problems can be attributed to an overloaded, poorly functioning liver. Your liver has hundreds of jobs to do, so it’s important that it functions effectively. And since the liver is the filter for the digestive system and the digestive system begins at the mouth, then the cure for chronic health problems starts with diet. Dr. Matsen’s Eating Alive Program has helped thousands of people reverse their symptoms of so-called chronic illnesses.

So what does “Eating Alive” mean? It refers to that cozy dietary spot found between “Eating Too Bad” and “Eating Too Well.” In addition to dietary guidelines and other healthy lifestyle practices, the Eating Alive Program includes improving intestinal flora and liver function—getting yeast out of your gut and metals out of your liver and other organs. The Eating Alive Program contains the most significant steps you can take to achieve great health by allowing your body to use its own incredible healing power.”

There are two more books that have been written subsequently and no I haven’t read them all yet. So many books so little time(grin). You can find all his books and DVD products at his home website or Amazon for the first one published back in 1987, which is still his best known work today.

The Secrets to Great Health: From Your Nine Liver Dwarves is the second book to come out, and with a title like that I’m relieved to hear it is a humorous look at the connection between liver function and health. Topics include the medicinal properties of food and the relationship between digestion and your immune system. I suppose some of us absorb dry medical concepts better with cartoon doodles so I hope the guy can draw. I heard a rumor about nine fictional liver dwarves??? OOOKay. Does Snow White know about this?

Eating Alive ll: Curing the “Incurable”, is actually Dr. Matsen’s third book and expands on the concepts covered in the first one. It also highlights the role of mercury and other toxic heavy metals in the cause of chronic illness (*something everyone in the film industry’s paint department should be checking themselves out for).  Again there is a Menu plan and section with 120 recipes.

‘Curing the Incurable’– DVD, Not much of a reader? That’s ok because this 2 hour DVD will walk you through it and you can purchase it on the official Matsen website. You can expect to see testimonials by patients who have followed the Eating Alive Program and achieved positive results with illnesses such as liver disease, lung cancer, diabetes, scleroderma, attention deficit disorder, high cholesterol, von Willebrand disease, and eczema.

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Contact info:

Tel: (604)986-7774
156 West 3rd St.
North Vancouver, B.C.
V7M 1E8

Website: http://www.eatingalive.com/

Image Credits: Monica Holy, Dr. John Matsen site

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