Spirit and a Healthy State of Being

Coming from a place of Divinity not Obligation:

Motivational and Inspirational speaker Dr. Wayne DyerWe’re going to see Dr. Wayne Dyer in Vancouver (for what may very well be his last speaking engagement tour) and it occurred to me that the Dyer dude has impacted our lives with his teachings even though technically we’ve never met.. and so we’d like to pay homage.

There is a very important concept that has made a difference in the way we look at things and that is the idea of doing things in life from ‘a place of divinity rather than obligation’.

If we grasped the practice right what that meant to us is that if we aren’t doing something …anything in fact for the right reason…and the only correct reason is that you genuinely ‘want’ to do it…well then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. (..and nothing positive comes of that energy) In the end resentment, guilt, shame and all other manner of unhappy emotions ensue from doing a thing out of obligation. In other words if there is friction in your desire to do something, and doing it runs contrary to your heart then don’t do it. No one wins here, not the giver nor the receiver b/c the underlying motivation or energy behind it isn’t joy.

Now being raised Catholic this runs contrary to every tactic my mother ever used to motivate me (lol), however some paradigms are meant to change.

Our Kitten Mist in a blanket, image by Monica HolyOur Kitten Mist, image by Monica HolyOur Kitten Mist, image by Monica Holy

Recently I’ve found another teacher who doesn’t just walk her talk, she climbs, bounces, rolls and stretches it…to the limit in fact. She is our little rag-a-muffin of a cat…Mist. What most dog lovers hate about cats is the same thing cat lovers love about them..their independence and utter indifference towards trying to please us…AND the fact that they never do anything they don’t want to do UNLESS they want to do it. I couldn’t have found a better guru of ‘divinity not obligation’ if I scoured the planet. Every cat exudes this quality.

Now if you want to be a student of ‘be in the moment’ …find your self a dog. No one exudes pure joy and complete being in every moment of their lives like a dog can. So whether it be a human teacher or one of the many species on this planet there is something we can take away from each of them.

Image Credits: wikipedia, Monica Holy

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