Natural Magic and the Mystical Side of Middle Earth

“Middle Earth Home will be a place of Healing”

That’s what Monica’s spirit guides told her and so that is what it will be. That is healing our relationship within ourselves (body, mind, spirit), each other, our community, Mother Earth, Creator and whatever else we’ve fallen out of synch with.

We’ll be delving into connections such as Ley lines , Sacred Geometry, Dowsing and more… all with an open mind.

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REcent Articles on Natural Magic and the Mystical Side of Middle Earth

Ley lines and Getting Laid

You think I’m being facetious and I am.  In fact I’m only partly sure of what facetious means, but I’m going to keep on using it anyway just to annoy the intellectuals out there.  It’s kind of like Alanis Morissette getting flack for the lyric line “Isn’t it ironic?”   It’s ok that we’re not perfect all the time, we know what she meant.

I am NOT a specialist on the subject of Ley lines in fact…I’m merely a laymen (oh dear did I just pun?) however, I wanted to share with you why I want to incorporate the layout of Middle Earth Home with the dowsers in my community.  First off I like strange people.  I find them infinitely more interesting than sheep people who adhere to what’s ‘normal’ and don’t let there minds wander off the beaten path.  Can you imagine spending your whole life in their head?  Booooorrrriiiinnnngggg.

Secondly, when I started reading about what ley lines are and how they affect us in a concrete way, I became intrigued by these ‘invisible’ energy fields that come into contact and affect our own personal energy fields. This is how I understand it.  The earth has electro-magnetic fields that zigzag their way across the planet most often following underground water ways from things like glacier melts, or caves etc. and they can be created, destroyed or affected by natural disasters to man made ones like mining.  If we think of ley lines being similar to the ‘chi’ meridians on our bodies we can liken this to acupuncture.  Where two ley lines cross each other, can either be very beneficial to humans or devastating to our health.

Here’s the crux of the matter: Let’s say you build your house in one spot where the ley lines pass right through your bedroom.  Let’s say this particular frequency would be beneficial for honey bees and gophers and all manner of microbes that love your compost heap, but its making your sweetheart’s biorhythms go wonky.  They sleep, but they wake up run down and exhausted.  Eventually their overall health seems to slide downhill, they fall into a depression, and your sex life …last on their list…is in the toilette.  All this, because of lousy Feng ShuiYES my friend.  Location, Location, Location.  If the earth’s energy moves through and bisects in a certain area of the house that you spend gobs of time for activities such as sleeping….and these are unsupportive energies for humans…than you my friend will not be getting laid.

The moral of the story: Put your compost heap where it ought to be and put your house somewhere else.  Energy is energy, it is neither good nor bad but what we do with it, and understanding it is half the key to utilizing it properly.

Oh, in case you don’t believe in ley lines because its invisible and this whole concept seems silly to you, may I remind you that every time you plug your computer into a wall socket something invisible yet measurable is at work there.  I was an electrical apprentice back in the days when I had a strong back, and I learned about something called ‘magnetic lines of flux’ which too are invisible, and yet they are the very things causing cancer to people who buy their homes on cheap land located right beside a power sub stations.  The magnetic fields created by the electricity come into play with a person’s personal energy fields and there you have it…’dis-ease’.

So before you poo poo the person walking around Dowsing with a forked branch trying to mark out the ley lines on my property to help me assess the orientation of the rooms in my home, may I remind you of one simple fact.  I’m going to get laid – so there.

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