Our Long Range Plans for Middle Earth Home

We want you to get to know us and of course you can’t do that unless we let you in on our sinister plans for world domination (joking).  I have a silly geek- comic book sense of humor that I hope you will come to love.

Cob House on Mayne Island in British Columbia

Middle Earth Home may have started out as a small dream…a tiny, cute, cob cottage nestled serenely into the side of a hill – by a lake – with a view of the mountains in the distance, or some river valley below (sigh).  That does sound kind of nice doesn’t it?

However, the dream was fed some miracle grow and now we have something much bigger on our hands.  It’s not the place we’re going to visit any longer.  No, we plan on living there. So the city mice are moving to the country Jeb.  We’re gonna be neighbors.

Brighton Earthship in England

After trying on the idea of several types of organic structures from Straw Bale, and Cob, to Cord Wood, Rammed Earth, stone masonry to Papercrete bricks, well, we decided on something as mainstream as an Earthship home, because everyone’s heard of a Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling aka Earthship, and no doubt it would be a shoe-in to get the permits, and get it passed etc. (ahem) Yeeeeeeeeah.

Brighton Earthship in England

For the region that we fell in love with we determined all the pros and cons of each type of structure, and decided that it came down to a bio dome or an Earth bermed/Rammed Home, and the cheerful indoor green house won!  So now we have a vision of the space we’d like to create not just for ourselves, but also to be part of the local community.

A separate, partially bermed Greenhouse.  I plan on growing a lot of food.  I’ve heard that the food bank is hungry, and I’d like to see if the schools would be interested in a community garden.  In fact I’d like to do seed exchanges, and have a big outdoor kitchen for processing the bounty at harvest time.  Nothing says fun like a couple dozen women stirring pots, sterilizing jars and drinking wine. Plus, I have a book on permaculture eating a hole in my brain. So, I’m flirting with the idea of a forest garden to see what edible landscape I can create throughout the entire property.

As my garden grows into something that resembles more of a landscape than a construction zone, I would like to invite the elders in my community to have a day each week to come out and sit in the gardens.  I would like to serve tea and sandwiches and offer them a social afternoon whereby we might introduce the willing 89 year olds a peek into the world of Facebook, and in exchange they might feel inclined to show me why my tomatoes are doing so poorly.

An Artist Studio is a must if you are an artist.  Its good to give the artist in the family a place of their own to work or else you’ll find carvings in your wood furniture and murals on the ceiling (not that that’s a bad thing as Seinfield would say).  I simply would prefer Monica take out her urges on canvas or ink up an illustration on a draft table in her own mini earth ship building.  Monica’s café will be a part of her studio, and it will be open when ever Monica needs to take a break. We envision it will have its own quaint roll top door like an auto garage that rolls open revealing a splendid little outdoor patio to take those much needed ‘time outs’.  I have no doubt that people will come from near and far to have one of her stronger than strong Canadianos, with cream, maple syrup, cinnamon and bit of Belgium chocolate melting on the bottom of the glass.  Nothing says love like 78% Belgium chocolate baby!

Cob House on Mayne Island in British Columbia, photo by Monica Holy

The Healing Hut will very likely be a cob structure with little offshoot rooms for many modes of cleansing and replenishing the body and mind.  A sacred space will be created for yoga and meditation, as well as a place for a massage table, and another area set aside for an indoor- infrared sauna.  The outside too will house a sauna bath and outdoor hot tub heated with a regular wood burning stove.  If there is a source of water via a creek on the property than a mini grotto soaking area will be viable as well.  As yet the property is not purchased, so we must allow for the land itself to dictate what ideas we will follow and others that we will let go of.

Straw Bale construction photo by diamondmountain

The barn will very likely be a Straw Bale structure and take care of many things from extra storage, to a shop, a garage, a weight room, an enclosed loft for guests to stay over, and one frivolous little extra we like to call, the indoor drive in.  In a small community you make your own fun, and so we thought we’d get parts of old trucks and cars from the 50’s to create an old time ‘drive in’ experience for free Friday night showings.  These days all it takes is a digital projector, surround sound, and some silver screen white paint on drywall to make a retro-weekly drive in complete with real organic popcorn for mom, dad, and the kids to enjoy.

Traditional Mongolian Yurt by Groovy YurtsTraditional Mongolian Yurt in Winter by Groovy Yurts

Our authentic Mongolian Yurt is already with us, eventually to be used as a perfectly lovely little space for visitors to stay.  We are hoping to create a number of unique one room cottages for visitors to rent as time rolls by. (House first – cubbies later) Among these ‘cubbies’ as I’ve come to call them would be a cord wood cubbie, a cob cubbie, and maybe a mini dome or one room earth ship cubbie.  It is our hope to facilitate teaching others about sustainable architecture and lifestyles once we ourselves are living examples. It would be our pleasure to give B.C.’ers an opportunity to visit a real zero carbon home off the grid in action as opposed to in principle.  This idea could translate into any number of government uses from information centers, to park and recreation buildings that rangers would stay in, to you name it.

Last but not least we have one more crazy idea that just ‘feels’ right.  And by ‘feels’ right I mean that when Monica gets the ‘fur factor’ whereby all the hairs on her arm stand straight on end, we know that is due north on the compass.  So, bearing ‘fur factor’ in mind we also want to put on a week long camp or workshop for psychic kids.  You know how they say you take your pain and transform it into something good.  Well our childhoods were ‘scary boo’ mostly because we were ignorant and didn’t have any adults to pose our questions to.  With that in mind we’ve already lined up our first facilitator who jumped at the chance to help out these kids.  Carolyn Long, gramma, psychologist, channeler and Monica’s mentor (that we mention in our book Fringe Dweller on the Night Shift: True Stories of an Afterlife Paramedic) has agreed that if we can fly her out she will happily donate her time.  With my cooking skills, and Monica’s background working at the YMCA daycare and Scout leader and soccer coach we think as soon as Middle Earth home is up and running we’ll be good to go.

Well that ends our tour of the long range plans that we’ve been carrying around in our hearts and in our heads for these past few years.  Now that we’ve done some homework we are grateful we didn’t get started right away as our ideas have become more refined, distilled and clearer.  There are many new alternative energy systems that simply didn’t exist yet so we will be taking advantage of these newer technologies and products.

I’m keeping a close eye on www.Ted.com

If you find something cutting edge that you think would benefit our cause please DO let us know, and I’ll happily pass on whatever I learn in my blog.  Now that you get our flavor, our intentions, and our dream we hope you’ll come along for the ride on our journey and see how this whole darn thing turns out.  We hope that the community we form here online will support each other, share information, provide networking opportunities and a place where we can find each other. Any one who plays nice can stay.  Anyone who doesn’t play nice will find themselves locked out, so play nice kids.

Image Credits: Monica Holy, dominicspics , diamondmountain, Groovy Yurts

Zero Carbon Footprint for a Green Sustainable Lifestyle, image by Monica Holy

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