The First Step, is Deciding

Photo 'Any Idea' by Max-BEvery Journey Starts with a Single Step:

The First Step is always the hardest. It’s a leap of faith, a dream, a thought that leads to an action.  You gotta conceive it in the ethers before you can bring it into form.

That sounds airy fairy doesn’t it?  If you think about it though it’s just common sense but if you want to quote ‘The Secret’ go ahead.  Someone has to think this stuff up before anything else can happen.  We agree.

That is pretty much the lifting off point for any dreamer so that’s how it all began for us too. Monica and I were sitting in our trusty Sahara YJ that we’ve nick named ‘Pearl-the Wonder Jeep’.  She is our trusty metallic steed and save the occasional trip to Art’s Auto we for the most part have nice things to say about her.

So it was on one such outing with the wind in our hair and bugs in our teeth (for Pearl is also a convertible) that we conceived The Great Canadian Dream.  Now the Great Canadian dream, at least in Ontario if you’ve never heard of it, is to have your place in town and to have your cottage out on a lake somewhere.  Preferably on a lake that still has fish.

So, the conversation sounded like this.  “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little cottage?” says Trouble One.

“Yeah” says Trouble Two, “That would be delightful”.

“Let’s do it” says Trouble One.

“Yes, let’s.”  says Trouble Two

And at about this stage we’re sounding a little like the cartoon characters of chipmunks  Chip n’ Dale, but that’s only because we are after all Canadians, and therefore prone to being ridiculously cute and polite.  I’ll stop now.

How a cottage went from a cottage to a Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling in the middle of the Cariboo in central British Columbia will take a few more steps to fill you in on.  Seriously, you should never leave two artists alone on a camping trip for a weekend. As comedian George Carlin once said, “It’s my job to think up goofy shit.”

Namaste, and keep dreaming.

Image creidt Max-B

Zero Carbon Footprint for a Green Sustainable Lifestyle, image by Monica Holy

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