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Candida Cleanse: Day 109 ‘The Finish Line !!’

Day 109 of my Candida Cleanse, and The Finish Line !! ‘The blood test confirms it. The deed is done. It took me 6 bloody months but I did what I set out to do, and if I may take moment to pat myself on the back and do my rendition of the ‘Charlie Brown happy dance’ as performed by Snoopy.-.I am celebrating with pizza?…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 108 ‘Me and my Dysfunctional Immune System’

Day 108 of my Candida Cleanse, and Me and my Dysfunctional Immune System. ‘By visiting the Nutritionist/kinesiologist, I learned it is her opinion that in the question of what came first…the chicken or the egg….or in my case the Candida and the symptoms that I experience…the answer is a domino effect beginning with….my Adrenal Glands…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 107 ‘A Little Humility is Good for the Soul’

Day 107 of my Candida Cleanse, and The new Herbal Crew. ‘My problems according to her stem from my Adrenal Glands being shot, placing undo strain on my liver which under load is losing the battle. This allowed too many Toxins to proliferate in my blood stream thus creating yummy conditions for an over abundance of Yeast to proliferate. In other words if I fix …’

Candida Cleanse: Day 106 ‘Live Blood Test and Adrenaline Exhaustion’

Day 106 of my Candida Cleanse, and Live Blood Test and Adrenaline Exhaustion. ‘Today I had the Blood Work done with a nutritionist/kinesiologist. Very interesting. It turns out that I’m an ‘A’ Blood Type not an ‘O’ which means a significant difference in eating habits according the book Eat Right 4 Your Type by Peter J. D’Adamo …’

Candida Cleanse: Day 105 ‘Fuzzy Brained Parasites’

Day 105 of my Candida Cleanse, and Fuzzy Brained Parasites. ‘I am Going in for Testing. I made the call today to go in tomorrow for a Blood Test which should give me an indication of what’s going on inside me..including Parasites etc.I’m a little Fuzzy Brained today which surprises me…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 104 ‘Live Blood Test and the Stanley Cup’

Day 104 of my Candida Cleanse, and NHL Final Game Between Canuks & the Bruins 2011. ‘Disappointment underscored…but no one can say we/this Canadian doesn’t have grace even in defeat. Good game boys…It’s been about a month since I ran out of Gingko so I picked some up today at the health food store. I’m hoping to regain a little more mental clarity and acuity so I can get my writing assignments done…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 103 ‘Weeds Vying for a Place in My Bed’

Day 103 of my Candida Cleanse, and Checking in with my Strawberries. ‘Funny how ‘Routines’ must be established with plants and gardens. In particular, they require a daily gander to see how they are coming along. I suspect that the routines I’ve set for myself during this Cleanse will have to be maintained to a large degree too (such as minimal Dairy in my life) or I can expect the symptoms to creep back in just like those weeds vying for a place in my garden bed….’

Candida Cleanse: Day 102 ‘Upside Down Plant Pot’

Day 102 of my Candida Cleanse, and Upside Down Plant Pots. ‘Have you seen these things on TV? You plant your Strawberries or Tomatoes upside down so it’s easier to care for and supposedly they grow better? Well I’m always curious enough to give something a shot and decide for myself, so I got one of each and …’

Candida Cleanse: Day 101 ‘Slimming Down and Looking Healthier’

Day 101 of my Candida Cleanse, and Slimming Down and Looking Healthier. ‘Lasagna gardening on the hill top. Between raking grass clippings and shovelling dirt my co-gardening experience with a friend on her property is going very well. I decided to ask someone with an abundance of land if they would like to share in the work, expense and bounty of a garden and Fruit Orchard…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 100 ‘A Mecca for Brassicas’

A Mecca for Brassicas. ‘Eating for your zone? I know you must be getting sick of the gardening analogies by now, but I can’t help but see the correlation between eating what works for your body (to be healthy) and growing what works for your Growing Zone…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 99 ‘A Virgin and Saving a Whack of Cash’

Day 99 of my Candida Cleanse, and A Virgin and Saving a Whack of Cash. ‘We discovered the frame of an old structure used as an outdoor lunch and buffet area will do nicely as we convert it into a Potting Shed come Green House. The real fun begins next year as my gardening partner Linda and I start our Seed Trays indoors in winter for transplanting seedlings in spring. I am looking forward to…’

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