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Candida Cleanse: Day 98 ‘Bagging Horse Pee’

Bagging horse pee. ‘Not the most pleasant conversation I realize but an accurate one. I am damn lucky to be living in a rural area where my neighbours cleaned out (and bagged) the contents of their Horse Stalls, so now I have 2 year old composted wood chips to add to my Lasagne Garden. My friend and gardening partner came over today with her…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 97 ‘Lasagne Gardens, and Composted Horse Urine’

Lasagne Gardens, and Composted Horse Urine. ‘The first time I saw Lasagne Gardening I didn’t know that is what it was called. I was visiting ‘Our Eco Village’ on Vancouver island where they had some WOOFERS working in the Green House at the time making something called ‘Nettle Compost Tea’ to feed the garden vegetables with…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 96 ‘BBQ, Beer Drinking, and Liver Tonic Tea’

Day 96 of my Candida Cleanse, and BBQ, Beer Drinking, and Liver Tonic Tea. ‘A bonding moment with my cat. If Mist (short for Mischief) could speak I wonder what she would say to the human plunking herself down in the middle of the lawn snipping away at Dandelions. I decided that if the lawn needed mowing I should make myself a nice Salad from the greens and a Liver Tonic Tea out of the flower heads and roots. Considering the Summer BBQ and Beer Drinking season is upon us it would be a good tea to keep in mind just to balance out the party animal’s innards…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 95 ‘Hockey Playoffs, Canadians, and Vodka’

Day 95 of my Candida Cleanse, and Hockey playoffs and Canadians. ‘It’s the day after. The day after planting my garden AND the day after drinking a fizzy with vodka and I am one sore-exhausted puppy today. Good day to watch the playoffs with some friends! Hair of the dog (I’m in)…it’s summer bbq season I try to make it easy on everybody by saying….meat and a salad, and now that I’ve figured out cranberry fizzy vodkas….LOOK OUT SUMMER!

Candida Cleanse: Day 94 ‘Millet- It Ain’t Just Bird Feed’

Day 94 of my Candida Cleanse, and Millet. It ain’t just bird feed. ‘I ran out of Rice so I thought I’d rummage through the cupboard and see, but Millet peeked shyly from the back reminding me I’d bought that almost 3 months ago in anticipation of trying the ‘other grains’ I was allowed to have. I must admit I have been overdosing on rice so it’s probably a good thing I ran out. Millet is cooked in a ratio of… ‘

Candida Cleanse: Day 93 ‘What the Hell is Muscle Testing?’

Day 93 of my Candida Cleanse, and What the Hell is Muscle Testing? ‘Muscle Testing in laymen’s terms? I think of muscle testing as Body Wisdom and a direct connection to your Subconscious Mind. Your body already knows what’s going on with itself and if you ask it from time to time to tell you what’s good for you or not it will answer. Here’s one (there are many) ways that I use to muscle test. It’s so simple you will be amazed…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 92 ‘Raw foods, Juicing and Companion Planting’

Day 92 of my Candida Cleanse, and Raw foods, Juicing and Companion planting. ‘I spent the better part of an afternoon and evening trying to figure out what to plant in my small square patch of Garden Space to maximize the area I have. Who knew that once you start cross referencing information such as Planting dates, Soil preferences, Sunshine hours, Watering preferences, Companion Plants, Seeds vs Seedlings and what the hell grows in a Zone 2 anyway..would have me up til midnight with time tables and plotting graphs trying to figure this all out. All I wanted to do was plant a few seeds man!…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 91 ‘My Photo on Facebook, and Bouncy Boobs’

Day 91 of my Candida Cleanse, and My Photo on Facebook, and Bouncy Boobs. ‘A college mate posted an alumni photo on FaceBook. Oh boy. Rolling back the years with a blast from the past photo. How unkind. I was twenty pounds lighter back then and could eat anything and everything whenever and however I wanted. That obviously isn’t the case now…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 90 ‘Herbs That Heal Yeast Infections’

Herbs that Heal Yeast Infections. ‘Naturally, whenever I open up a natural healing book I flip to any section it has on dealing with ‘yeast’ infections or Candida. Suggestions from the book ‘the Green Pharmacy’ by Dr. James A. Duke for dealing with yeast overgrowth include the following herbs:..’

Candida Cleanse: Day 89 ‘Candidicidal’

Day 89 of my Candida Cleanse, and Candidicidal Soup. ‘Not my recipe. This one was lifted from the book, The Green Pharmacy Guide to Healing Foods by Dr. James A. Duke. In his own words… “If you’re dealing with the aggravation of recurring yeast infections, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to …”

Candida Cleanse: Day 87 ‘Herbal Ball Busters, and Fungal Heroes’

School’s in session. ‘Here are the last 4 remaining Herbal Ball Busters for tackling fungal issues as per the book, The Green Pharmacy Guide to Healing Foods by James A. Duke, Ph.D. Now one little side note I’d like to add about taking Tumeric internally is that more of the oil-soluble Curcumin can be pulled out of the Tumeric if it’s consumed with…’

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