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What are the Structural Benefits of Domes?

Domes go back…waaaaay back. Remains of mammoth tusks/bones used for small dwellings presumed to be domes were dug up by a Ukrainian farmer in 1965 while he was digging in his cellar. The tusks dated back 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. That’s how far back we are talking about. Domes are found all over the world made out of a Multitude of Building Materials as mammoth tusks are hard to get a hold of today (kidding) There’s an insane number of variations on this theme so one might come to the conclusion it’s a damn clever structure. Indigenous peoples from all over the world have been building them with whatever local material as available. Today, Monolithic Dome structures, known to be the strongest, cannot be destroyed by most natural or man made disasters. They are impervious to Hurricanes and Tornadoes. In cases of fire, even though contents that are flammable will be lost, the basic structure can remain unaffected.

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