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Island Earthship Build: Week 3. Day 15. ‘Roof Work and Solar Panels’

These Volunteer Carpenters are working on finishing the Wing Wall roofs over the main house airlocks. These two roofs also will add square footage to the overall roof Catch Water System… Also on the roof, the interns have the opportunity to learn how to properly measure, cut, and bend the Pro-Panel sheets into ‘Metal Origami’ that will be installed as the Flashing and Ridge Caps for all the Vent Boxes, and Battery Boxes atop the roof. Let me just say, I enjoyed this part, however it definitely takes practice and experience to do it well. It’s an expensive mistake if you mess up on just one little cut or bend.

Island Earthship Build: Week 2. Day 14. ‘Camp Sauna’

I featured Camp Hugs last week, where many Volunteer Interns are choosing to camp, on the owner’s land. It’s very primitive with no amenities whatsoever. I feel very privileged with the opportunity to stay and camp with Mark, a neighbour of where the Earthship build is taking place. Mark is Off The Grid like everyone else on this this Gulf Island, however I really enjoy the intimacy of the amenities while camping here. I’ll take you on a tour of ‘Camp Sauna’, as dubbed by a fellow Intern named Brian.

Island Earthship Build: Week 2. Day 13. ‘Our First Volunteer Interns to Leave the Tribe’

A lot of the Earth Berm on an Earthship is done by hand, shovel, and much effort. Here are three locals lending a hand on the side of the Studio Earthship…and our first Volunteer Interns having to return home…they will be missed.

Island Earthship Build: Week 2. Day 12. ‘Roof Catch Water System’

Pro-Panel roof panels are long and awkward to carry through the remaining soggy ‘Mosh Pit’…Chris Reynolds giving instructions to a Volunteer Intern on the Earthship build…The Pro-Panel roof panels are part of the roof top rain water catch system, which will run back into the gutters, and the two Silt Catches on top of the Water Cisterns behind the Earthship. Eventually the only thing visible will be the Cistern ‘Turtle Necks’, when the final Berm is completed…

Island Earthship Build: Week 2. Day 11.’Another Day of Liquid Sunshine’

It’s another day of ‘Liquid Sunshine’ for the Earthship build. Once again it’s a workout navigating the ‘Mosh Pit’…Before any roof work can be done, it has to be squeegeed of all the water build up…We’ve learned that with all the continuous rain, it’s necessary to make steps into the mud side to enable carrying up heavy and awkward devices like the roof top Battery and Operable Vent Boxes…Once these large boxes are put into place…

Island Earthship Build: Week 2. Day 10. ‘Roof Insulation and Greenhouse Hallway Framework’

The main house Earthship roof Vigas are trimmed to an equal length… A Double Can Wall is built up between the Vigas. If you look closely, you’ll see the ‘Porcupined’ nails in the Vigas which enable the cement to adhere better to the sides… Once the double can wall has set, insulation batting is stuffed into the middle gaps… Meanwhile, the rooftop…

Island Earthship Build: Week 2. Day 9. ‘Vigas, Beer and Cupcakes’

Before the Vigas can be put on the main house Earthship, EPDM has to be laid out on the back Tire Wall, and extend out over the back Berm which has already been insulated with a Thermal Wrap…Interns are cleared out of the area while Earthship Biotecture’s crew navigate the heave Vigas onto the roof of the main house Earthship… Meanwhile the gap in the Studio Earthship is closed with a can wall, and rebar is cut into spikes for…

Island Earthship Build: Week 2. Day 8. ‘Can Walls, Vigas, and Footings’

The can wall of the Studio Earthship wing is begun, following the steps of the tire wall. I was so busy working on the main house Earthship, I didn’t even notice the Vigas put on the Studio Earthship roof…Footings are Vapour Barriered before the cement pour. Can walls can begin after footings have set.

Island Earthship Build: Week 1. Day 7. ‘Camp Hugs’

Earthship volunteer Interns camping on the owner’s raw land, have it a little rougher, however we still dub it ‘Camp Hugs’. Camp Hugs got off to a rough start, but with time, adjustments were made for the cold, wet, damp, camping additions…Some people got creatively functional with their campsite, using just tarps and what was available on the land. Others brought in conveniences, like a stand up shower, and created their own catch water system…

Island Earthship Build: Week 1. Day 6. ‘Buttresses and Bond Beams’

Thankfully it’s a sunny Saturday, and the framing is built for the perpendicular glass wall separating the Earthship living space from the Hallway Greenhouse…There’s still a lot of work to be done inside the living space, and soon this view of the floor will be a maze of trenches for footings…Leveling the cement in a Lathe frame for the base of the cement Buttress, while others build the frame for the Buttress cement pour…

Island Earthship Build: with Michael Reynolds-Week 1. Day 5. ‘Quagmire Working Conditions’

‘My Survivor, Island Earthship’ Build with Michael Reynolds In BC, Canada A 5 Week Photo Journal by Monica Holy Previous Post… Today’s Friday Deluge of rain makes Monday’s start to our Gulf Island Earthship build look like a sunny day. Some people disappeared in the mud…we’re still looking for them. This amount of ‘wet’ makes…

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