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The First Step, is Deciding

The First Step is always the hardest. It’s a leap of faith, a dream, a thought that leads to an action. Monica and I were sitting in our trusty Sahara YJ that we’ve nick named ‘Pearl-the Wonder Jeep’. So it was on one such outing with the wind in our hair and bugs in our teeth (for Pearl is also a convertible) that we conceived The Great Canadian Dream.

Our Long Range Plans for Middle Earth Home

Middle Earth Home may have started out as a small dream…a tiny, cute, cob cottage…However, the dream was fed some miracle grow and now we have something much bigger on our hands. It’s not the place we’re going to visit any longer. No, we plan on living there. For the region that we fell in love with we determined all the pros and cons of each type of structure, and decided that it came down to a bio dome or an Earth bermed/Rammed Home, and the cheerful indoor green house won! So now we have a vision of the space we’d like to create not just for ourselves, but also to be part of the local community.

The Land Will Call Out to You

Where should you build?  Where should you go? Many of us don’t know where to start. I’d have to say looking back (for this idea came to us sometime in 2005 when Monica first moved to the west coast of Canada) that had we known how long the journey would take, there is a damn…

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