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Earth Home Living: Building A Sustainable Solution

‘Earth Home Living’, is the first Canadian permitted Rammed Earth Tire Dwelling aka Earthship Crew. Pat & Chuck Potter have formed a family business with daughter Pat & Grandson Justin to build permitted Sustainable Homes in Ontario, Canada. Their projects will lead them across Canada, spreading the awareness of living a Green, sustainable lifestyle and implementing a Zero Carbon footprint. You can reach them at …

Rammed Earth Tire Dwellings, aka Earthships

If you shut off all your mechanical means to heat your home in the winter time at say -25 below, would you find it mildly chilly or would it be completely uninhabitable? Earthships, created by Michael Reynolds, are brilliant, and we intend to build one. It is considered to be a sustainable structure. An Earthship is a structure that needs no foundation to hold it up and is placed directly on the ground to take advantage of Geo Thermal principles. The glass wall of the greenhouse stretches along the entire east/west side of the house which is oriented towards the southern sky. This allows sunlight to enter the structure all day where the planters can benefit, and the substantial thermal mass collects, stores and releases the heat of the day slowly at night when most needed.

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