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Candida Cleanse: Day 49 ‘Micro Climates, Fresh Organic Produce’

Day 49 of my Candida Cleanse, and ‘I’ve spent the better part of a week researching what plants will thrive not only in this neck of the woods, but in my Micro Climate. I am situated in a Zone 2-3 which is perfect for cold hardy plants. I am finding it difficult not to…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 47 ‘Creative Itch, Transition Towns’

Day 47 of my Candida Cleanse, and ‘I spent a late night with our town’s Sustainability Committee watching a DVD of a documentary called, ‘Transitioning Towns.’ Finally some positive attitudes on ‘Peak Oil’ and what we can do to get ourselves off the oil dependency before the barrels are up to $3 a liter…’

Candida Cleanse: Day 39 ‘Got My Sanity Back, My Acne Isn’t As Horrific’

Day 39 of my Candida Cleanse, and ‘I can say the Cleanse helped with my Arthritis on the job and I’ve noticed that my Acne isn’t nearly as horrific. Each day for the next week I’m going to give you a Break Down of Symptoms of Candida by Category as per the Overcoming Candida: The Ultimate Cookery Guide by Xandria Williams starting with today’s Heading…’

The Transition Town Initiative, an Effort Towards Sustainable Community Living

In spring of 2011 a small group of people in 100 Mile House, B.C. threw together a pot luck dinner and assembled in a private home to meet and learn from Tamara Sunsong of Victoria’s ‘In Transition’ Group to talk about ‘transitioning away from oil dependence.’
A grassroots movement the world over called ‘Transitioning Towns’ is taking this peak oil thing seriously. The objective is for neighbours to come together to share ideas and create action plans to deal with the times to come.

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