About the Girls

Monica Holy (aka Trouble One) goes by many names.  These days she has the distinction of going by ‘The Fringe Dweller‘ as that is the name her spirit guides called her, and subsequently the name of her first book.  Monica Holy is a mom, a graphic novel style illustrator, artist, lucid dream medium, and recently an author with Red Wheel/Weiser & Conari Press

That sums up the personal resume but what it doesn’t tell you between the lines is that Monica is a lot like Frodo on a Quest to discover or rather, rediscover her long buried gifts as a Healer.  Her Spirit Guides, mostly indigenous first nations persons, have told her that she has been a shaman in many lifetimes and that it is for her to ‘wake up’ and remember what she already knows.  They have also told us that our home will not just be our home.  It will be a ‘Place of Healing’.  Frankly that puts a slight kink in all the personal plans we made, but we’ve learned that there is just no use in arguing with spirit guides.

Nicole Chayka (aka Trouble Two) also goes by many nick names, although most of them are either unpronounceable or simply shouldn’t be repeated in decent company.  Nikki’s laundry list of employment includes a past life as a radio announcer, advertising sales executive, taxi cab driver, apprentice electrician, residential painter, scenic painter for film, and most recently collaborator, and co-author of  Fringe Dweller on the Nightshift:True Stories of an Afterlife Paramedic.

What do all of these careers have in common? Nothing…that’s the point.  Nikki’s life theme this time around is to be ‘the Experiencer’ so naturally she’s doing everything she can to sew up that last 5% of human experience so she can move on to being a toad or something different next time around.  Really… does it matter where we’ve been? It’s where we are heading that matters.

The bottom line is that we’re undeniably eccentric, wonderful, playful, comical in fact, a little gay or otherwise known as bi and completely bedazzled by each other.  We are two artists who want to live a little closer to Gaia and share the beauty with others who need a sanctuary, a place of community, a place to take a load off and just ‘be’ for awhile.

So we have this crazy dream that we put on hold for four years while we created a book, while we found a literary agent, while we found a publisher, and while we’ve been promoting it so that people will know we even exist.  However, happily it’s time has come.  We are moving in the direction of a new dream now, and that dream is called… Middle Earth Home

“Middle Earth Home”



Our intention is to create an organic sanctuary… a place of well being… where time stands still… and putting your hands in the soil feels good.


Our motivation is to be supportive of family and close friends in their time of healing or indecision.

‘Middle Earth’

‘Middle Earth’ is our metaphor for a hand sculpted dwelling, that is self sustainable-off the grid, and completely synergistic with it’s natural environment.

Image Credit: Karen Learmonth, Monica Holy

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