donation piggy bank for Middle Earth Home projectYes we accept tips!

We are starving artists after all. Ok, not quite starving, we both have about 15 lbs we’d like to shave off, and we hear kick starting your metabolism with the Type II Diabetes diet is the way to go… but we digress.

If you’ve found something of value on our site we accept donations with absolute gratitude for the exchange of give-and-take energetically speaking. If you wish to leave us a little something in the Tip Jar, who are we to say no?

The Donate button below will let you choose the amount you feel is appropriate. You can use your PayPal account, or donate from a credit card without having to create an account on PayPal.

May peace be on your house and many thanks for leaving a tip so that we can get on with building ours.

Image credit: alancleaver_2000

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